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5 Simple Savings Tips For Teens​

5 Simple Savings Tips for Teens You need money; it’s the reality of life. If you want to make some, listen up.  Here are 5 Simple Savings Tips For Teens to ensure a financially stable future. Being an irresponsible kid, I burnt through every penny I earned. I splurged on Denny’s, Adidas,

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Jessie Lee Photography

Jessie Lee Photography – Vendor Highlight By: Javier Carlos Topic: Recommended Vendors Meet Jessie, of Jessie Lee Photography. She began her professional wedding and portrait photography business based in Mesa, Arizona. We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside her and want you to meet her! Jessie captures graduate Audrey with a

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dj service turntables in phoenix arizona

How to find a DJ

How to Find a Perfect DJ By: Javier Carlos   How to Find a Perfect DJ. We’ve got the best steps and questions to ask your potential DJ to get you started. From choosing the right person to handle your music to where to find them – we’ve got you covered.

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Why you need a Playlist

Why You Need A Playlist By: Javier Carlos and Dallas Rogers for C West Entertainment & Dal’s Pictures Taken from Dal’s Pictures recent Blog: With a background in music, I found it fitting to tell you all why making a playlist for your next portrait session is so impactful – life-changing,

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