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Nardini Manor Wedding & Events Venue in Buckeye, Arizona

By: Javier Topic: Weddings & Event Venues

Can you believe it? It has already been a year since the Nardini Manor officially reopened their doors and began hosting events again! Within the sea of barren fields and long-stretched roads that are Buckeye, Arizona, lies an unforeseen sight: four-and-a-half acres of antique architectural heaven. The Nardini Manor’s striking structures and elegant layout distinguishes it as THE luxury West Valley (Buckeye, Arizona) wedding venue.

Nardini Manor Wedding Venue in Buckeye, Arizona

Nardini Manor History

“Nardini Manor is special to Gavin and I all because of the history behind it”, said one of the new property managers Carly. “Gavin’s (husband, and business manager) parents bought and restored the property in 1990 and were the leading factor in why it has become so successful”.

Together we hope to build on their legacy and provide people with the weddings and events that they dream about. To me personally, the manor holds a special place in my heart not only because I get to help people create amazing memories on their special day but because I get to honor the place my husbands family flourished.

The manor’s extravagant exterior is accompanied by a spectacular interior.  After its life as farmhouse, the property change ownership multiple times before falling into the hands of “visionaries, Thomas and Kay Nardini.” The two “spent the late ’70s and ’80s bringing the property back to life,” and life they introduce the maze and expanding the wings of the home.

The history of the Manor spreads over almost a hundred years. Step inside the gates and you can see the history for yourself!

Host Events in Buckeye AZ

In Buckeye Arizona, we only have a few wedding venues in our area. Did you know that the Nardini Manor is the original wedding venue? 

Also, the manor is the only green and lush venue outside of the Phoenix area. Many couples will find that the grounds remind them of up north! Online reviews of the property have pointed out how there are few places in the Phoenix-metro area with pine trees. Events in Buckeye Arizona can be hosted at the lush property with ease. Since the Manor is only a few miles south of the I-10, your guests can easily get to the oasis!

Nardini Manor Buckeye Tent 60x100 feet wide

Nardini Manor Weddings

The Manor, of course, focuses its efforts on wedding couples. The manor has been developed over the years to host various spaces for couples. The outdoor spaces at the Manor can be customized by couples with floral arrangements and draperies. The historic wedding property has seen many upgrades since reopening. It still hosts a number of other events besides weddings throughout the year. Be sure to make time to come to an open house when they are announced!

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An Outdoor Wedding Venue

The best part of the manor’s outside wedding venue space is that there are a variety of places where couples can get married.

Explore the garden area, and fountains, near the chicken coupes, in front of the manor itself, or even get married by the gazebo. This way, couples can explore a variety of outdoor activities and spaces at the manor.

Our favorite spot? The Gazebo! (Pictured above) The huge green trees allow guests to cool off and in the event that a shower comes, the trees offer protection from the elements. One time while we were there, it was raining and the Gazebo offered complete protection from the elements.

Haunted House at Nardini Manor

BOO! Did we scare you? Probably not. But, come fall time the Nardini Manor host a spooky Halloween haunted house. 

Explore the grounds with a haunted maze and other frightening sights. The Haunted House at the Nardini Manor is only offered during the months of October and for specific weekend dates. Be sure to follow their Facebook to be up to date.

Nardini Manor Buckeye Arizona Tent

Nardini Manor Prices

Pricing at the manor can range from $5,000 and above. For non-wedding planners, the manor offers special rates for events less than 90 days out. Be sure to contact the office if you are looking to host an event soon. (Prices as of July 2022).

Prices for the Manor can be flexible depending on the season. The front office is more than happy to help clients that are looking for more information. Be sure to grab a coffee and a sweet treat when you stop by. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Manor

Yes, the manor is currently open. They have scheduled tours for couples looking to see the venue.

The Manor can be found at 5601 S Jackrabbit Trail Buckeye, AZ 85326.

Yes, to date the Nardini Manor has hosted birthdays, meetings, school banquets, dances, corporate events, and even a run


Yes, the manor has the best vendors on their list. C West Entertainment is featured as a DJ!

Watch a Real Wedding at the Manor

Here is a fun video that we made at the start of the wedding season in 2021. This video features the entire C West Entertainment team as we set up and train some employees for the upcoming season. In this video you can see the tent, the house, guest seating, and even cold sparks. The property is great for creating the space of your dreams. It truly is the Hidden Gem of Buckeye, Arizona!