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Ground Fog Machine Rental

Phoenix Arizona, Scottsdale – Ground fog machine rental – dancing on the clouds effect for weddings stage rental


Wow your guests with a low-lying fog effect.


Since this machine is rare, you will surprise your guests with an effect they've never seen before.


We can set this machine up in a few minutes, so you can see it faster.

rent wedding dancing on the clouds machine ground fog

Frequently Asked Questions - Low Lying Fog Machine

What is dancing on the clouds? The dancing on the clouds is an effect that is created by dry ice and hot water. It creates a thick, cloud-like effect. It is very popular for first dances or special moments that want to create an impact. 

How long does it last? The cloud effect can last several minutes at a time. However, there are down-periods since the cold dry ice reacts with the hot water to create the effect. Therefore, we suggest you space out the use of the effect so that you can have multiple uses.

Is dry ice safe? We tend to say “yes” if a trained professional is dealing with dry ice. We use special gloves!

Can I pick it up and operate it myself? We do not offer a pickup service, instead, we provide an operator from our team to come and do the effect for you. We can also source the best dry ice for the effect.

Read our blog about low-lying fog machine use.

Create Spectacular Grand Entrances or Reveals

We provide a completely unique machine rental to produce ground fog on your special occasion. Create the impact of dancing on in clouds for your concert, show, or wedding with this specific machine. It is able to generate floor clouds. This machine could be very powerful and might run all night time on your stay occasion. Our floor fog gadget could be very powerful and generating big quantity of floor fog for lengthy durations of time. This floor fog gadget may be managed with a far flung manage or with DMX.

We offer this cloud floor fog machine in the Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona area.

Phoenix Ground Fog Machine (Dancing on the Clouds)

Weddings, stages, and other events look amazing with this special effect. Call us today to learn more. Watch our video below to get an idea of how it works. Most couples add it on with our DJ services for their wedding.

Play Video about rent dancing on the clouds machine ground fog

The “Dancing on the clouds effect” is a popular wedding and special dance machine. Our rental includes set up and tear down, if you need us to operate. This effect creates a whimsical and breathtaking sight in photos and video. If you need a traditional fog machine that is less than $100, we have you covered. 

Did you know? This machine uses a dry-ice base to create the fog! So, there is no mess and you can easily see the low lying fog effect. Also, we supply an operator if you need someone to run the machine.

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