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Cold Sparks Machine

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Shine bright with our cold sparks machine  Rent your cold spark fountain from for use in Arizona. 

Cold Sparks Machine Rental in Arizona

Want to add a sparkle to your event? Experience our Cold Spark Fountains! Cold Sparks are excellent for your Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties, and once-in-a-lifetime events!

The best thing is that they are entirely safe for use indoors! You’ll be alright if you slide your hand in any of it! So, there will be no smoke, no burn, and no mess! Completely safe and what’s better – unlike anything you’ve seen before. Read about the sparks on our blog! We do cold sparklers for weddings and corporate events to bring a huge WOW factor.

cold spark fountain effect in Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona
Estrella Foothills High School Prom with Cold Spark Effects for dancing with Caleb Fine
Gorgeous wedding sparkler fountain for wedding exit in Phoenix Arizoona
Inside & Out

Use these sparkling fountains indoors and outside for a spectacular effect.


Our sparklers come in at 62 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can safely use it in crowds.


Adjustable height from 3ft-15ft. Brings the WOW factor to your event.


No pyrotechnics license needed because it is a simulated pyrotechnic experience without a flame. Also, safe to breathe.

epic wedding sparkler cold sparks effect Arizona Phoenix
cold sparkler effect for weddings in Arizona at the Verrado Golf Club

What are Cold Spark Machines?

Cold Sparks (also known as Sparkler Fountains) are a safe indoor firework. They produce a golden rain of sparks. You can control the height of the sparkers from as high as 15 ft to 5 ft. The effect shoots off a cool 62-degree fountain safe to the touch. Use them inside or outside. Our sparkler machines are not flammable! So, this helps for use at venues.

How does the Magic Happen? 

(How to operate the fountain machines)

We supply an operator who will:

  • Operate the sparkler fountains via a remote or through DMX (for larger or multiple cold spark boxes).
  • You can control the height.
  • Enjoy the effect in short bursts or in a full-length experience.

So, How can I rent the Cold Sparkler Machines?

Call us to receive an instant quote! Pricing starts at $500 for two sparklers. If you need four, six, or more – contact us! We have up to 16 cold spark boxes.

Wedding Sparklers Phoenix

Faqs for Cold Sparks in Phoenix, AZ

It is a simulated pyro effect. It uses a titanium powder that makes a safe sparkler effect.

The sparks interact with a fan and heating element in order to ignite the effect at a cool 62 degrees!

A cold spark can be safe if operated by a professional, using the right gear, and training. We make sure our equipment is tested and up to date with manufacturers recommendations.

Total run time for the cold spark machines is 15 minutes. Additional time can be purchased. Typically, cold sparks can last about a minute to two minutes per run time. The total run time can vary by the amount of powder we use, so it can essentially go on for as long as you would like! We fill the machines to last 5 minutes in total, however the machines CANNOT run for that time straight. We recommend that you use them in bursts. 10-30 seconds is ideal.

They do leave a bit of dust after they operate since they use a titanium alloy powder. However, we like to broom up our mess so there’s no need to worry. 

Yes, a cold sparkler is exactly as the name describes- a 62 degree effect that is colder than a traditional firework sparkler.

Rent Cold Sparks in Arizona

Excite your guests with a spectacular fireworks display. With our C West Entertainment Cold Spark (simulated sparkler fountain) machine rental, you can create jaw-dropping indoor and outdoor shows for events like:

  • Holidays (like New Years Eve)
  • Business Grand Openings
  • Wedding Grand Entrance, Sparkler Exit
  • Indoor/outdoor concerts
  • Festivals

The biggest factor for choosing our cold spark machines for your event is that they produce little to no smoke or odors. Unlike traditional fireworks, there’s no explosive content. Instead, small granules make up the sparkler effect.  We also have an immersive co2 confetti cannon!

Arizona Sparkler Fountain Machine Rental

Rent Your Cold Sparks in Arizona. Contact us today to get started. 

Add on an LED dance floor to take your sparks to the next level!

Other Services:

Why you Sparks them at your wedding:

  1. They Are Unique
  2. Great Photo Op
  3. Wow your guests

This is the simplest reason to bring out the spark madness for your wedding or corporate event. Did you know that we are located in Phoenix, for your convince! So, you can use the sparks at any venue in the metro or beyond. People enjoy using our machine rentals at venues around Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa. This way, we know where to go.

What we like about the machine:

I have found that the look of guests when they see the sparklers come out of the ground is the best. I love seeing their faces and reaction to the glow. Once you see it, that’s all you want! – DJ Javier.

Wedding DJ + Spark Machine Rentals

Did you know that we can help you bundle and save for your wedding. Our DJ packages come with the sparks. Many people do this for their wedding or Quince (XV). This way, they can save a lot of money with an affordable package.

What are Cold Spark Machines?

Cold Sparks (generally called Sparkler Fountains) are a safe indoor firework. They produce a stunning deluge of glimmers. You have some command over the level of the sparkers from as high as 15 ft to 5 ft. The effect shoots off a cool 62-degree wellspring safeguarded to the touch. Use them inside or outside. Our sparkler machines are not ignitable! Consequently, this accomplices for use at scenes.

How does the Magic Happen?

(Rules to work the wellspring machines)

We supply a person who will be there to:

Work the sparkler wellsprings through a remote or through DMX.
You have some command over the level.
Participate in the effect in short detonates or in a full-length experience.
With everything considered, How could I at whatever point rent the Cold Sparkler Machines?

Call us to set get a resulting statement! Assessing starts at $500 for two sparklers. If you truly need four, six or more – interface with us!

Cold Sparks Rental in Phoenix, Arizona

Offer a striking expression as you stroll towards your escape vehicle. Our cutting edge Sparkular™ machines can make a line of flashes 15 feet high for more than 30 seconds with closeness to the crowd. The flashes are cool to the touch and smokeless, making the experience more lovely for all in participation. The capacity to rehash discharge additionally permits us to work with your picture taker to have test chances in advance, guaranteeing you get the best photograph.

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