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Fog, Haze, & CO2 Cannon Rentals

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Fog Machines

Create smokey effects and haunted houses with the push of a button. Fog machines are very popular rentals from us!

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Haze Machines

A light amount of haze allows for lighting to be seen by audiences. We recommend you use haze with any lighting rental.

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CO2 Cannon & Jets

Bring the WOW factor with a cryogenic CO2 jet. Completely safe & totally cool. We offer CO2 Cannon rentals

BLOW your guests away with our atmospheric rental technology. Hot events in Arizona NEED a cool CO2 blaster (Cannon). A Geyser or CO2 effect will bring the WOW factor to your next event. So, let’s team up and bring the party with a cool effect!


Rent a Fog, Haze, or CO2 Cannon or Jet in Phoenix, Arizona

Watch an epic show of our handheld CO2 Jet from our instagram account.

fog geyser effect co2 machine phoenix - rental
co2 fog geyser machine rental phoenix

CO2 jets and fog machines are awesome effects for your private party. We take pride in having great, quality equipment.

WOW your guests with our machines and technology. Pairs well with our DJ equipment rental!

What we offer:

  1. Fog machines
    Think haunted house or epic entrance. A fog machine will shoot out a lingering cloud that will dissipate in as little as 30 seconds to a minute. This is not to be confused with the dancing on the clouds effect, a much more dramatic machine. Here is more information about our fog machine.
  2. CO2 Blasters / Cannon Hold your very own CO2-powered machine.
  3. CO2 Jets Step into the club with a CO2 jet.  A high-powered effect that blows away your guest’s expectations. A CO2 jet allows for a cool cloud.
  4. Haze Machines Hazers are often used in stage settings or large event productions. 
  5. Geysers Similar to a fog machine, but vertical! You can shoot a cool Fog effect up into the air at 20 feet high. These are awesome at sporting effects.
co2 jet rental phoenix wedding
co2 jet rental phoenix wedding Tucson AZ DJs
co2 jet rental phoenix wedding Prescott az dj

CO2 Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona

Looking to add some cool effects to your next event? Look no further! We specialize in providing the best geysers and CO2 effects to take your school dance or party to the next level!

Our geysers are vertical shooting fog machines that are designed to make a big impression. They can shoot fog up to 25 feet high, creating a stunning visual effect. And if you’re looking for something even more impressive, our CO2 effects are perfect for large dances. They create a quick burst of cool air in the crowd while giving off a great fog effect, similar to the geysers. We even offer CO2 DJ gun blasters for added excitement!

Now, let’s answer some common questions about our CO2 effects:

How does a CO2 jet machine work?
A CO2 jet machine works by releasing a burst of compressed carbon dioxide gas into the air. This creates a cool cloud of fog that quickly dissipates, creating a stunning visual effect.

What are CO2 jets used for?
CO2 jets are commonly used in events and performances to create dramatic effects. They are often used in concerts, nightclubs, and large productions to add excitement and enhance the overall atmosphere.

What is a CO2 jet machine?
A CO2 jet machine is a device that uses compressed carbon dioxide gas to create a powerful burst of fog. It is typically controlled by a technician who can adjust the timing and intensity of the fog bursts to create different effects.

Are CO2 jets safe?
Yes, CO2 jets are generally safe when used properly. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to ensure safe operation. It is also recommended to have a trained technician operate the CO2 jet machine to ensure proper handling and maintenance.

What are cryogenic special effects?
Cryogenic special effects involve the use of extremely cold substances, such as liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, to create visual effects. This can include fog, smoke, or freezing effects. CO2 jets are a type of cryogenic special effect that use compressed carbon dioxide gas to create fog bursts.

What can you do with a fog or CO2 machine?

CO2 jets, or cryo co2 guns, are a safe cold effect. They use CO2, the same thing we breath out, to create this effect. Haze machines are designed to use water or CO2 to put fine particles in the air. This way, you can see lighting and create dramatic effects. 

What is a CO2 Jet or Co2 Cannon?

A CO2 Jet, produces a large in-the-air effect. It can be up to 25 feet tall! A CO2 cannon is a handheld device, pictured above, that a DJ or person can use. Depending on your needs, a CO2 jet might be too much! Always consider the amount of space you have when deciding.

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