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Using the C West Entertainment Brand

Learn About Our Brand

Our Name

Please use the correct spelling, casing, and spacing when referring to our brand.

C West Entertainment

is our preferred and the default use of our name. We would not approve “CWEST”, “C-WEST”, or “DJCWEST”.

C West Ent.

is also an acceptable use of our name, in the format and casing listed.

Learn About Our Brand

Our Colors

The brand colors for C West Entertainment are bright, modern and bold. The colors are meant to invoke a sense of excitement, expertise, adventure and a modern feel to the target market.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Our Logo

You may use our logo in reference to our company and services, but avoid using it in contexts where it could be mistaken for an official endorsement or offering.

We allow two options for application use, 1) full color black or 2) full color white


Full Color, Black

Full Color, White

c west entertainment logo

In applications where a single, circular logo is necessary for use, we allow for the following monogram. However, we prefer the above, horizontal logos in almost any application. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for further information.