Who We Are

Our Story

C West Entertainment started with two friends: Elijah West and Javier Carlos. They met while attending grade school in Buckeye, Arizona. With a group of twenty other students, they joined “Company”, an entertainment troupe at the Odyssey Institute. Here the two friends were given the opportunity to perform at Disneyland, singing and dancing along the way. 

Eventually, Javier noticed that Elijah was gaining a lot of traction as the school’s go-to DJ for “fun nights” (aka dances). From the party atmosphere and leading group dances, Javier knew he wanted in.  

In those days, the duo was known as  DJ West/DJ Carlos. Now, with a name change, they have blossomed into a full-fledged entertainment company servicing the entire valley. 

Now, the two simply enjoy each other’s friendship without the DJ component. Elijah has since stepped down from DJing – unplugging his headphones – but remains a close friend. Though without his guidance, push, and skill C West Entertainment wouldn’t be where it is today.  

Today, with new recruits like DJ Caleb Fine and Xavier Trujillo, the future begins. These two usher in a new era for C West Entertainment. Now, our mission is to support the next generation of DJs and MCs while providing quality service. 



Meet the Team

Use the dropdown menu to preview each member of our team! We hope you find the DJ you’re looking for below. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

DJ Javier Carlos is ready and excited on the microphone

Co-founder of C West Entertainment, Javier is the brains behind all things business. He’ll be the first one you talk to and get the party started.

DJ Fine headshot photo against the wall


Caleb is one of our most talented young DJs. He specializes in turntablism and hype. He is multi-functional, firstly the MC with the solid gold voice and as DJ with all the moves.

Kids dance at DJ Dance Party 

Xavier is our newest member of the team! He’s a talented musician, member of the Phoenix Children’s Choir, and future music producer as well.

Former DJ, Elijah West

Co-founder of C West Entertainment, Elijah is a multi-instrumentalist and talented singer. He specializes in crowd engagement! Though he was a founding member, he no longer is a part of C West Entertainment. 

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