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Rent UV black lights for in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas.

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UV black lights for rent in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. If you are looking to make your event glow in AZ, we are here to help! Rent a black light for your event to activate colors or for a neon party. Everyone loves a glow party with fun UV effects.

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Rent a UV Black Light Phoenix Arizona - Demo Video

Black lights are awesome effects we do for dances, parties, and other functions in Arizona.

C West Entertainment has the largest inventory of Black Light (UV) Rentals in Phoenix, AZ! We want to help you glow at your next glow party! Whether for a backyard event or a school assembly, call us and we will take care of you to get your event glowing!

Our black light rentals are perfect for glow parties and events in Arizona. Each Black Light will cover an area of about 15′ x 20′, so you can rent multiple lights to cover your desired space. Everyone loves UV glow parties! We have the perfect solution with our black light rentals. 

Your black light rental is comes with a power cord and clamp for attaching them to light stands. They can also be hung on a wall or placed on a table.  

If you want to have a glow party, you will need UV black lights for your event. We rent UV black lights – very powerful LED UV black lights that will throw light about 40′. We recommend using multiple black lights if your party is in a school gym. One for each corner!

We Rent UV Black Light Fixtures and Stage Lighting in Phoenix. Rent UV Black Lights – Glow Party!

Contact us about renting UV black lights for your next party.

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Our team uses a variety of ADJ Cob cannons and Wash FX2 lighting to create a wide dispersement for our UV black light effect.

Other services for your UV Black Light Rental

We have a variety of rentals for you to choose from. These all compliment your UV black lights! We even offer discounts for multiple rentals. Check out our newest disco mirror balls we have!

Watch: UV Black Light Rental Video

UV Black Light Rental For High School Dances & Assemblies

We are an event lighting rental company for Arizona high school dances and assemblies that require a fun UV black light effect. Our lights can shine in a 40’x40′ space to make all of your students glow in a super bright UV-black light effect. 

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We rent light stands and light trees to hang these black lights and they make it easy to get the black lights up high for the best results. Feel free to visit us to see these black lights and many other party lights we offer. 

Our team carries a wide variety of black lights and dance floor party lights for your event. You can also choose a photo booth to order for the total glow party. black light rentals near me.

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