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LED Dance Floor Rental - Phoenix, Arizona

Our LED dance floor rental in phoenix, Arizona is super fun for parties. Enhance your event by having a glowing dance floor!

LED Glow

Light up with our LED dance floor rental in Phoenix, Arizona.

Unique Dance Experience

Create a unique dance floor experience

Super Fun!

Amaze your guests with this super cool light up floor.

LED dance floor rental phoenix arizona

LED Dance Floor Rental. Phoenix Dance floor rental. Dance floor rental near me

Our light-up dance floors also come with an auto mode that syncs with the beat of the music, creating a fantastic ambiance without human intervention. When turned off, the floor is a shiny white floor, which can surprise guests when the lights come on or be used as a centerpiece during their arrival. Pricing Starts at $1250 + Delivery & Set up Costs

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What Size Dance Floor Do I Need?

Guest Count

50+ Guests

75+ Guests

100-150+ Guests

200+ Guests

Total Sq Ft

121 sq ft

225 sq ft

324 sq ft

400 sq ft


11 x 11

15 x 15

18 x 18

21 x 21






led dance floor rental phoenix scottsdale

Here are our recommended dance floor sizes for weddings with different guest counts. We even wrote a helpful size guide for dance floor rentals. Pricing Starts at $1250 + Delivery (Phoenix, Metro Area)

LED Light Up Dance Floor FAQs

Yes, the dance floor can be set up outside. However, you must use a flat, level surface such as concrete. We require a flat surface because it uses magnetic locks to send power and data across the LED dance floor.

Our LED dance floor is made with mirror (infinity) or matte (flat colored) tiles. We have the capability of up to (1) 20’x20′ mirror or matte floor. Most customers enjoy a mix of both at their events. 

The size of your illuminated LED dance floor will be determined by your guest count. We suggest looking at sizes based on the assumption that 75% of your guests will be dancing at one time. Therefore, use the calculation (Guest Count *.75) to find the number of (Dancing Guests). Based on your number of (Dancing Guests) you can find a dance floor rental size that is closest to your (Dancing Guests) count.

Our LED dance floor rental is made up of matte & infinity mirror pieces. There is one side with power and the other side(s) have a small ramp to accommodate ADA regulations. The tiles are strong enough to drive a car over the dance floor. They are also water resistant and very durable in outdoor applications.

We also have LED video walls, silent disco headphones, DJ services, and videography that pair well with our dance floor rentals!

Dance Floor Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona

Check out our amazing light-up LED dance floor for events in Phoenix, Arizona.

Attention all party animals! Get ready to boogie down Our LED Dance Floor is fully customizable and features a mesmerizing infinity tile design or a full glow or anything in between! Read about a recent event with our LED Dance floor at the Scottsdale Princess.

If you’re looking to impress and entertain your guests, the LED Dance Floor is a must-have at your event- especially if you have a crowd that loves to dance! Don’t forget to book it along with one of our talented DJs to ensure a night full of fun and entertainment.

So why wait? Call us today to order and get a customized quote for LED Dance Floor rental for your upcoming event!

LED Dance Floor Rental. Phoenix Dance floor rental. Dance floor rental near me. Rent a dance floor in phoenix, Arizona. Scottsdale AZ.

Looking for a LED dance floor, also known as a light-up dance floor, for your upcoming wedding or special event? Look no further. Our LED dance floors are just as thin as regular wooden dance floors, which is a crucial feature since most LED dance floors are typically 6 to 8 inches thick, requiring stepping up to get on.

Don’t forget to add some LED Park Benches to your order to create a fully immersive experience.

We can customize the size of almost any light-up dance floor, so call, click, or visit us today for a speedy quote

LED dance floor rental phoenix arizona

Other Awesome Services for our Lighted Dance Floor Rental

We offer rentals for more than just dance floors. Check out our selection of rentals for Arizona events.

LED Dance Floor Rental. Phoenix Dance floor rental. Dance floor rental near me

LED Dance Floor Rental. Phoenix Dance floor rental. Dance floor rental near me. Rent a dance floor in phoenix, Arizona. Scottsdale AZ.