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i4CP 2024 – Scottsdale Event Production

The i4cp 2024 Event at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

In the heart of Arizona’s sun-drenched landscapes, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess transformed into a beacon of innovation and celebration for the i4cp 2024 event. With the brilliant DJ Javier spinning tracks and VJ Paige Vargas creating immersive visual experiences, the evening was nothing short of magical.

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The Venue: A Palace of Light

Nestled within the luxurious embrace of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, the event space was an oasis of creativity and joy. As attendees entered, they were greeted by a spectacle of light and sound that promised an unforgettable night. The heart of this transformation? An LED video wall, an LED dance floor that radiated energy, an upgraded sound package, and a premiere DJ booth that became the epicenter of musical fusion.

i4cp - Gallery Photos

The Masterminds: DJ Javier & VJ Paige Vargas

At the helm of this auditory odyssey was DJ Javier, known for his ability to blend beats into a seamless journey of sound. Alongside him, VJ Paige Vargas crafted visual stories on the LED video wall, her artistry painting every beat with vibrant colors and textures. Together, they created a symphony of sight and sound that captivated the audience, inviting everyone into a world where music and imagery spoke in perfect harmony.


The Setup: A Technological Symphony

The event’s success was powered by a meticulously planned setup that brought the vision to life:

  • Premiere DJ Booth: For three hours, DJ Javier reigned supreme from his throne, a state-of-the-art booth priced at $1200 setting the tone for an electrifying night.
  • Sound Reinforcement: The addition of two QSC KW181s, ensured that every note hit with clarity and depth, enveloping the space in rich, undistorted sound.
  • LED Dance Floor: Spanning 18’x15′, the dance floor ($3000) became a sea of light and movement, inviting guests to lose themselves in the rhythm.
  • LED Video Wall: Measuring 10.5′ x 6′ and constructed from 7 x 2 panels ($2,100), this canvas brought VJ Paige Vargas’s visual artistry to life, complemented by essential rigging hardware.
  • Setup and Operation: Ensuring everything ran smoothly were the delivery and setup team ($750) and the dedicated video wall operator ($500), whose expertise ensured a seamless experience from start to finish.

Conclusion: A Night to Remember

The i4cp 2024 event at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of innovation, creativity, and community. Through the collaboration of DJ Javier and VJ Paige Vargas, coupled with the state-of-the-art production setup, attendees experienced an evening that transcended the ordinary. It was a testament to what happens when technology meets artistry, creating memories that will glow brightly for years to come.

dj Javier Carlos

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