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Plan Bee Pizza – Woodfired Food Truck & Catering Company

Plan Bee Pizza - Woodfired Food Truck & Catering Company

Plan Bee Pizza is a food truck and catering company that offers gourmet wood-fired pizzas, salads, Italian-inspired appetizers, and chocolate chip cookies. They specialize in catering to weddings, providing a unique and delicious way to feed guests at receptions, rehearsal dinners, and late-night food options.

Plan Bee Pizza: A Unique and Delightful Catering Option for Weddings

Plan Bee Pizza - Woodfired Food Truck & Catering Company

Started in 2023 by Jamin and Christie Dunn, Plan Bee Pizza was born out of the couple’s shared dream of owning a restaurant. When Jamin lost his job in the fall of 2023, they decided to pivot to a mobile food truck model. The name “Plan Bee” captures the essence of this journey—it wasn’t their original plan, but they embraced it and incorporated honey into several of their pizzas, making it their “Plan Bee.”

Plan Bee Pizza offers catering packages tailored to meet the needs of small backyard weddings to larger celebrations with up to 200 guests. Their menu features a range of wood-fired pizzas, with fresh, high-quality ingredients, cooked to perfection. They also have a selection of appetizers, perfect for cocktail hour, and chocolate chip cookies.

Also, ne of the draws of Plan Bee Pizza is its stunning pizza oven, which provides a “wow factor” for guests. They pride themselves on getting guests through the buffet quickly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their delicious pizzas while they’re still hot and fresh.

Interview Questions with Plan Bee Pizza

     1. What services do you offer to brides and grooms?

 We offer catering for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. We’ve also been asked to be a “late-night food option” for larger weddings. Our appetizer menu is typically used as cocktail hour appetizers.

     2. Can you walk us through the process of hiring you for a wedding?

If you’d like to have Plan Bee, we’ll have a consultation with you either over email or the phone. We have packages that can meet the needs of small backyard weddings up to weddings with 200 guests. We require a 20% deposit to confirm a booking.

    3. Can you share some valuable tips for couples planning their wedding? What are some common FAQs?

The flow of the wedding day can take on a life of its own. Make sure you have a capable wedding coordinator that you can trust to help make sure that all your vendors can do what you hired them to do to the best of their ability. Long photography sessions after the ceremony can derail a reception for a caterer. 

Plan Bee Pizza - Gallery Photos

Conclusion - Plan Bee Pizza is a WIN!

Javier, here, checking in to share how much I love Plan Bee Pizza and their wood-fired food truck! They are seriously so great to work with and have the best food. You really must try their food to understand how great they are. That’s why I recommend Plan Bee Pizza for your next wedding or event!

Javier Carlos

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