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Sonny's Old Town - Goodyear Arizona Venue

Sonny’s Old Town Venue is a large acre property open for many events and weddings. It has breathtaking views and is located in Goodyear, Arizona. 

Sonny’s Old Town Venue

Weddings & Event Center –

Sonny’s Old Town Venue Goodyear, Avondale Arizona. 

Sonny’s Old Town is a Goodyear, Arizona-based wedding and event venue. They are well known in the area by their owner, Sonny Gutierrez. Sonny also has owned the local boxing gym that dons his name. It has been long known in the community, but has recently opened its doors for weddings and events.

Sonny's Old Town wedding venue Goodyear arizona ceremony

Rustique Wedding Venue - Sonny's Old Town

Notes: Seated Guest Capacity 1-150

Venue Type: Ballrooms, Banquet Halls Farms, Barns, Ranches Historic Estates, Mansions Industrial Spaces, Restaurants, Breweries, Urban Locations, Venue Setting: Indoor, Outdoor. 

Located in the historic heart of Goodyear, Sonny’s is the perfect rustic space to tweak or leave the walls bare showing their historic brick architecture.

In Goodyear, Arizona there are only a few wedding venues! Sonny’s Old Town is among the most popular for couples and event planners looking for a rustic feel. The exposed brick seals the deal with this historic Arizona venue.

Sonny's Old Town wedding venue Goodyear az

Goodyear AZ Wedding Venue

Sonny’s offers a variety of spaces for any occasion. All areas of the property are connected and each space flows well into the next. When renting at Sonny’s, you will receive access to all of the spaces the venue has to offer or to a specific part of the venue that fits your needs. The historic brick, industrial accents and unique outdoor space create a complete experience for guests. The ability to transform each space in the venue allows endless possibilities for every event.

Sonny's Old Town wedding venue Goodyear arizona

More than a Wedding Venue - Events at Sonny's Old Town

Located at: 100 West Western Avenue, Goodyear, Arizona 85338, United States

3 miles south on Litchfield Rd, south of the I-10

Yes, the venue also hosts XVs, Baby showers, Dinners, and corporate events.

Sonny’s Old Town Venue is a large acre property open for many events and weddings. It has breathtaking views and is located in Goodyear, Arizona. 

Sonny’s Old Town Venue

Weddings & Event Center –

Sonny’s Old Town Venue Goodyear, Avondale Arizona. 

Sonny's Old Town wedding venue Goodyear arizona vendor friends

Micro Wedding Venue - Sonny's Old Town

Sonny’s Old Town is now offering micro wedding specials starting at $6500. This includes the venue, DJ, bar, and more!

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings, also known as “minimony” or “pop up weddings”, are a relatively new concept in the wedding industry. These weddings involve a much smaller guest count (typically between 10-50 people) and focus on having an intimate and meaningful experience for couples who are looking to keep things simple yet still have their special day.

Micro Wedding Tips

When it comes to planning your micro wedding, there are some tips you should consider keeping in mind:

  1. Invite only close friends & family – It’s important to keep the guest list small so that everyone gets the chance to truly interact with the happy couple. Sonny’s Old Town AZ is best suited for guest counts under 150!
  2. Keep decor simple – As you’ll likely be using fewer decorations than you would at a larger wedding, opt for quality over quantity and choose pieces that capture your style without going overboard.
  3. Have fun with food – Try something different by serving food stations instead of a traditional sit-down meal. This way there’s something for everyone! 
  4. Embrace photo opportunities – You want to remember this special day forever! Ask your photographer for creative ways to capture all the memories made during your micro wedding day.

If you’re considering having a micro wedding but don’t know where to start – no worries! Micro weddings give couples the freedom to customize their day exactly how they envision it – so get creative and make sure it’s memorable!

About The Owners​

Who Is Sonny Gutierrez: The Goodyear, AZ Boxer

Sonny Gutierrez is a professional boxer from Goodyear, Arizona. He has been boxing professionally since the 80s and has had the opportunity to fight some of the best in the industry. The former boxer wore the red, white, and blue fighting for the 1992 Olympic Team, before turning pro.

While he’s mostly recognized as a boxer, Sonny is also very passionate about giving back to his community. He is inspiring others to get involved in sports or pursue their dreams. When he’s not training or fighting, you can find him reaching out to local gyms. He is also working with young boxers – teaching them techniques and sharing valuable advice on living a successful life.

Sonny's Old Town Goodyear Photos

Affordable Wedding Venues

Located in the quaint town of Goodyear, AZ is Sonny’s Old Town Venue. This special spot offers up a unique and intimate experience that can’t be found anywhere else. From live music to comedy nights, events at Sonny’s always promise a night to remember.

The atmosphere at Sonny’s is like no other and guests are immediately taken back in time to the charm of old town living. As you enter through the doors, you’ll notice the rustic decor from homemade signs to vintage tablecloths with an open space that exudes warmth and comfort. The stage for live performances is set off with ambient lighting which adds to the cozy feel of the venue.

Micro Wedding Wedding Deals!

With its affordable price tag and great food truck offerings every Friday evening, it’s easy to see why Sonny’s has become a local staple. But don’t let its small size fool you – it truly packs a punch when it comes to entertaining guests night after night! So if you’re ever looking for a fun night out with friends or even just a date night activity, be sure to check out Sonny’s Old Town Venue in Goodyear, AZ for an unforgettable evening!

Sonny's Old Town Goodyear Reviews

Since taking over the management in late 2022, the owners are doing their best to create pleasant experiences for couples. Recent reviews highlight a “beautiful venue… [and] the decor was perfect” (Google Review).

Wedding Venue in Goodyear, Arizona - Sonnys Old Town Venue


Sonny’s Old Town Venue

Weddings & Event Center –

Sonny’s Old Town Venue Goodyear, Avondale Arizona. 

sonny’s old town goodyear photos
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