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Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ​! Find the best Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ​ before the interview begins. This way, you can help yourself find the right DJ.

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These are some of the MOST important Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ! You and your partner should ask these questions to the DJ during the planning process, so you can get to know more about them. Learn about their mixing/MC style, and the services they offer. So, let’s see the best questions to ask your dj for your wedding!

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Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ​

These are some important DJ interview questions you and your partner should ask the DJ during the planning process, so you can get to know more about their mixing/MC style, and services they offer. Some of the questions have a brief explanation for why we think you should ask this question.

Why you should ask this DJ interview question: They should have previous experience as a DJ so they can mix smoothly, pick the best songs, and accurately read the dance floor to keep you and your guests dancing all night long. Our team has a minimum of 2+ years experience before their first wedding.

Why need to ask this interview question: This is one of the most important questions to ask because weddings require a different skill set that other clubs or even private DJs may not be able to handle. Wedding DJs can follow a detailed timeline, make announcements, and work with your vendors to make sure your wedding runs smoothly.

Why you should ask this DJ interview question: Some companies have a roster of DJs and select who is available on your date without taking into consideration what vision or style you’re looking for. If you do book through a company It’s important at some point to meet and talk to the DJ that will be at your wedding, so you both are able to discuss any special song requests or important details, and overall be on the same page on your special day.

It’s important to know what kind of mixing style you’re looking for. Do you want a DJ that can quickly mix so you only hear the best parts of each song, a smooth transition where they play most of the song but the transition in/out smoothly, or a DJ who plays each song from start to finish and just fades to the next song.

Why you MUST ask this DJ interview question: It’s important to have an MC or someone to handle announcements for your wedding, so guests can know exactly where to go throughout the venue and what important activities will be coming up. 

This is a good question to ask so you know exactly what they will be doing on the microphone. Do you need them to be more outgoing so they can get your guests involved and on the dancefloor, someone to just handle important announcements or somewhere in between?

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In-depth Questions For Your DJ

Just like your second date with your partner, you need to learn about all the things that weren’t present initially. So, we have rounded up more in-depth questions about your DJ. 

This is good to ask, so you can get a feel of their mixing style and overall song selection. Are they even a good DJ to begin with? A polished turd is still a turd. 

There’s such a vast price range in wedding DJ rates and packages, but just be aware what you pay is typically what you get in value

Not everyone does this! Or it could be a ridiculous amount. 

If the DJ is not familiar with the reception space, make sure to let them know of any special accommodations the venue may need or of any hard-to-reach power/electrical outlets. The easiest, best way to help them out would be to give them the venue coordinator’s contact information.

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Fun Questions for Your DJ

Let’s break up the seriousness for a second with these personal questions. These are some off-topic more fun questions you can ask your DJ to get a feel of their  personal lives outside of the wedding industry. 

  • Favorite artists/genre you listen to?
  • Favorite place to travel?
  • Go-to Karaoke song?
  • Why did you decide to DJ/DJ weddings specifically?
  • Last/favorite concert you attended?
  • Favorite sports team?
  • Favorite wedding memory?
  • Beach vacay or cabin getaway?

What-ifs, Backups, Timeline Questions

Every professional has a backup plan. What if your DJ can’t make it? All of these stressful situations should be addressed by your DJ in order to help you! This is the value of hiring a pro DJ company. So, these are the final questions to ask your wedding DJ.

You want to get a confirmed arrival time from them before your wedding, and it should be early enough they have plenty of time to get set up. 2 hours should be the minimum!

Why you should ask this DJ interview question: This is another important question to ask so you can be comfortable and stress-free. Make sure they bring extra equipment or have someone on-call that can drop off equipment if anything were to happen.

This answer should be no! Unless, you need offsite power (outdoor venues or remote locations).

This will usually be discussed based on what package or rate you and your DJ discuss upon booking. We suggest uplighting or a monogram to bring the WOW factor. Also look at Cold Sparks (sparkler fountains) to add a pop!

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  • Who sets up and breaks down?
  • What will you wear?
  • How do you handle song requests?
  • How do you get a shy crowd moving?
  • Do you use a predetermined setlist?
  • Can we make the playlist?
  • Do you require a meal?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Final Notes & Wrap-up

Once you choose your DJ, you’ll be tasked with coming up with your detailed timeline of events, a list of must-hear songs, and another list of absolutely-do-not-play songs. After that, your DJ will take it from there! Use our tips to help you connect with a great DJ and weed out the sea of companies. We hope you enjoyed our round up of  the best questions to ask your DJ for your wedding!

Let’s connect! Book one of our DJs today. 

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