Wedding Tips 1 – Where to Start

Wedding Celebration after marriage with confetti and mariachi Wedding Celebration after marriage with confetti and mariachi

Welcome to our first post dedicated to new brides! We are very happy to hear from you and that you have taken the time to open our first edition bridal guide. Also, if you haven’t heard it today… Congratulations! You are engaged! These next few months will absolutely Fly by and you will feel like you were engaged for a second. Check out these tips to find out our roundup of your first steps as newlyweds.

1. Starting a Wedding Website 

The first item on our agenda today is what you will need to do as a new bride. I’m sure by now you have either began your vendor search or are in the process of finding quotes. Either way, let’s make sure that your first agenda item is set up your bridal party website with the Knot or any bridal website.

Wedding Websites are important in the wedding process because they provide all of your future guests a place to find information. Here you can list your registry, provide reception and ceremony addresses. In all reality, what this does is eliminates the fact that so many people have questions and will go to you directly to ask them. 

2. Develop Budget, Guestlist, and book Vendors


Before you can book anyone you need to know what you’re going to be paying! That’s the scary thing— how much money will I have for flowers, for cake, should I splurge on utensils? — these are all valid questions. Setting your budget will help you assess what you should spend on each item. 


In our experience, the guest list can get tricky. First off, get an idea of how many people you would like. Are you aiming for a close-knit and intimate wedding or are you going all-out, everyone from the office plus the two sororities you were a part of in college? Getting an idea of how many people you want to invite will help factor into your budget.


Booking vendors can take time. You only want the best photos, not some blurry-iPhone photo that isn’t capturing the details. We’ve made that simple on our end by gathering a few of the vendors we believe will help you the most. The best vendors we’ve worked with have been piled into one list for you to find with ease. 

These two steps are the first two steps we recommend when starting your wedding journey! Let us know if they have been helpful to you!