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Wedding in Sedona – 7/14/19

This past weekend I was happy to spend time with a newlywed couple, Phil and Macy Leff, at their beautiful wedding in Sedona. We packed our gear around 2 pm and made the travel up north.

Summer weddings are different than most ‘wedding season’ events. There seems to be a magical twist with every summer wedding.

We all know that the weather in Arizona during the summer is disgusting. In fact, one of my previous blogs was about just that!

With this couple, they opted to travel two-hundred miles from the beating sun to Sedona. I couldn’t have been any more happy to be a part of their special day! We arrived around 3 pm to the most wonderful view possible.

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After setting up in a relatively manner we were able to connect with a few of the family members. I met the officiant, the bride’s grandfather. He joked, telling me that I might have have to cut off his microphone if he began to cry. Let me tell you – THAT got me worked up; I could already feel the tears coming upon me!

Once the ceremony commenced, I experienced my first glass-shattering celebration and the “מזל טוב” (mozel tov) following. With the exploding of glass beneath their feet I could see their future bursting forth from that moment. I’ve said how I love doing weddings like these and I couldn’t help but feel giddy afterwards.

Photos, Dinner, and the reception seemed to fly by. We were only there for four hours but man it felt like it was over in a heartbeat! Luckily, I snagged a few video clips and you can watch a recap of the event.

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