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Best Part About My Job

Most people have one or two things that make their job extra special. But, as the life of the party, I will say that I have so many things about my job that make it amazing.

If I had to pick, what the best part was though. I would have to say the travel. Hands down. Ding Ding Ding!

Every time I escape the Valley of the Sun (Yes, That's an Excessive Heat Warning) a part of me jumps in the air like that GIF of Snoopy.

Snoopy jumps around gif

Here you go, use to illustrate your next escape from the heat.

The real reason why I love to travel, beyond the freedom from all things hot, is that I get to see the beauty of my state. Arizona is a beautiful place. I've heard too many times that people don't believe that there's anything worthwhile here to see. I beg to differ; I can name a hundred that display Arizona's beauty. All of which can be seen from the comfort of your car.

When I get to drive up north I will typically take the I-17. Sure, there have been a few instances where we've gone to Chino Valley, Bullhead City, or even Pinetop, but nothing can beat the scenic drive up north on the 17.

First off, there's the World Famous Pie Shop in Black Canyon City. I've never had a better piece of pie in my life. No wonder they're always packed. Even if I see it from the highway I love seeing this place. Rock Springs Café is a local gem and the first indication that you're headed in the right direction.

Rock Springs Pie Black Canyon City Billboard off of I-17
Rock Spring's World Famous Pie Sign!

One time, after a gig in Seligman, Elijah and I stopped here to grab a bite on the way down. And Oh man! Was that the best experience of my life. That was in fact the first time I ever had a biscuit and gravy too! We both almost died there.

Even after you pass the Pie place, you will be immersed in an amazing world of bends and curves and roller-coaster views.

There are two different parts of the trip that allow you to throw the car into neutral and cruise down the highway. These are perfect for conserving gas, if you need it. Caleb would do this in his old VW, that thing was a gas-guzzler. These drops are HUGE. Imagine the downward slope of Disney-Pixar's Incredi-Coaster in Anaheim.

Image result for downward rollercoaster
Imagine this, but you know, you're in a car.

Then, you will see the evolving landscapes as well! It seems to change from low desert, to high desert, the to the plains! The best rest stop along the way is called Sunset Point. It is a small rest stop once you reach the plains and features a look out -- and a sudden drop off the side of the mountain! I wish I could show you the photos Caleb and I once too there. Those were funny.

When you find yourself at the tree along the 17 that is decorated you're almost there. That's when the Conifers begin to creep up along the roadside and you might spot the first Elk-Crossing sign.

Image result for elk crossing sign
Watch out for these guys!

If you look out to your left you might just see it. One of Arizona's most spectacular natural rock formations. Over a hundred million years in the making. It's Sedona. Home of hundreds of classic western movies and Slide Rock.

Those red rocks are the most beautiful formations you will ever see out of your window. You will never get a better view. If you're feeling up to it you can take a slightly longer detour through Sedona and the red rock.

Directions to Flagstaff from Sedona, avoids I 17 travel
Click on the image above to see how you can take the exit for Sedona and still reach your destination in Flagstaff.

These are just a few of the wonders that can be found on the trip up north. I won't spoil Everything, I'll leave you to explore our state's natural wonders on your own.

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As promised, here is this week's cow joke:

Why don't Cows have hooves?

Because they Lactose (lack-toes)

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