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Live from the Harley Davidson

Whenever your approached to DJ or make an appearance at a company you never expect that you’re going to be smack-dab in the action. You get used to being the sideshow. However, this past experience at the Harley Davidson in Scottsdale blew my mind.

This time, I was in the action. I was set up beside hundreds of Harley bikes across the world’s largest showroom. It was HUGE! You’ve never seen cool until you hear ACDC blasting around the newest collection of America’s motorcycle.

Honestly, I am a sportbike kinda guy. I prefer the high speeds and quick maneuverability. But, when one of the managers invited me to sit down, I immediately saw what so many any other men see in them. There’s something about the polish, the shine of the gas caps, and the feel of the seat that immerses you in it. I can’t really comment on how the ride. Maybe because I wasn’t allowed to.

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