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How did I start?

Well, I lied. I said that I was going to post every week and last week came and went. Honestly, I forgot. That’s it.

As I promised I will have my DJ-ing story for you in this post.

“In order to become the next Spielberg or Lucas, I had to jumpstart my path now”

It all started back in 2015. I know, that’s forever ago. For me it was. That was when I was in eighth grade. When you’re acne-faced, scared to talk to the other sex, and still faced with the dreaded high school staring you in the eyes.

But in all honesty, the reason why I started to DJ was because I was afraid. I was afraid that I would be nothing in life I didn’t try to make a name for myself. I needed to start my “Career” as soon as I could. 

This all started when I was much younger when I began my film “career”. Five or so years before I had decided that I wanted to be a director, videographer or someone in charge with a camera. Then, my brother and I had created a YouTube Channel (which no, I will not hyperlink those original videos). 

If you want to see a few music videos click here. (Caution Language) 

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. 2017. CC UMG, on behalf of The Weeknd

If you would like to see a few short films, and what I made while I was in Film Class you can click here. There are also a few Vlogs there so you can see how I’ve progressed through high school as well. 

Anyways, back when I started YouTube, I decided that in order to become the next Spielberg and Lucas I had to jumpstart my path now. 

I soon decided, however, that the world didn’t need me. That I wasn’t special and no matter what we did, it would never be enough. Obviously, that was never the right mentality and I veered away from my passion forever. I still film on occasion. Even this week I will be making a few more videos with my brother and colleagues, but it’s never like it was. Instead, I focused my efforts into a new venture.

It didn’t take long to realize that my favorite artist, Calvin Harris, was living the best life: 

DJ-ing and Producing Music.

I try my best to be just like him. Even to this day, with all the eco-friendly and environmental programs he’s a part of.

The summer of 2015 changed me forever. I began to experiment with a free version of FL Studio and produce music, and I downloaded a DJ software called Virtual DJ. Even to this day, I still use the platforms and continue my journey in music production.

Initially, I used websites like “Top 100 Songs for Events” or even “Best DJ Songs” to build my playlists. I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, the internet was my best friend. 


I believe I might even do one of these lists based on the songs I play now. That would be a treat

It was around four months before my partner, Eli, known as DJ West, and I began to book our own events. We combed our friend’s facebooks looking for upcoming events, spoke to the admin at our school, and even had plans to make flyers in order to get our names out there. 

None of it worked.

But, word of mouth worked like a charm. Our first gig was booked by a family/school friend for their sister’s 10th birthday. Needless to say, we were excited. 


That gig was a great learning experience. It showed me the forthcoming hassle of setting up and the beauty of getting a crowd to sing along to their favorite tunes. Without that first true event, we would’ve never learned how great the world of DJ-ing would be.

Shout out to the Uglem family for our first event. And, that’s how we got started. I’ve got more stories of the “events” we did before this but they weren’t really events as they were Eli and I screwing around, playing music.

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