3 Ways to Plan the Perfect Quincenera

Best Quincenera Tips – February 2020

After deejaying numerous Quincenera’s (quinceñera’s) this year I’ve come up with the 3 (three) perfect ways to plan your party. From the cake to the decor, the attractions (Yes, you NEED to entertain ) and even music. I may not be a 15-year old girl, but I know there’s A LOT that goes into preparation. These three ideas will sure come in handy. 

Large event space for Quincenera

Rent an event space for your Quince. (Tip 1 of 3)

To start, you need a venue. Choosing the right venue is essential to how the night will go. I’ve DJ’d in barns, backyards, and even event halls and each location have its pros and cons. 
Firstly, the barn won hands down for aesthetics. It was rustic, with ivory clad beams that stretched over the dancefloor. Not to mention that there was artificial grass that ran alongside the perimeter. Though this venue was pretty, it wasn’t prepared for the elements.

We had a terrible dust storm tear through Buckeye. The storm turned the barn into a plastic bag where all the dust culminated. But hey, at least it made the lasers look even more awesome. In summary: your venue must be prepared for whatever life throws at it. 

Backyards deserve similar praise. They’re great on space and great for your wallet. The only problem, again, is the weather. What I’ve learned is that the wind has a mind of its own. It can strike your event, ruining decor, food, and much more. Definitely would put a damper on the celebration. Therefore, you should think about what you do if your event is outside.

Again: Rent an event space for your Quince.

I believe a dedicated event space is your best bet. Sure, it can be costly,, but you can always find a resident’s center if you’re on a budget. Most community centers that I’ve been to, in Goodyear, Buckeye, or Avondale, work well. If you don’t know one off the top of your head, here is a list of a few locations I recommend:

  • Peigné Dance Studio – https://www.peignedancestudios.com/ 
    • This dance studio is perfect for your next event. By night they’re a jazzy dance studio and by day they’re your next event space. I personally know Stephanie, one of the owners, and she is wonderful. She’ll make you feel like one of her own and make sure you leave with the warmest hug. Go with her if you want to feel like a family.
dance studio with people dancing
What normally functions as a dance studio can transform into the location of your big event.
  • Hidden Lake Buckeye – www.hiddenlakeaz.com 
    • Sitting on 120 acres of untouched land with the largest body of water east of the Colorado River, this venue is worth visiting. I’ve had the pleasure of deejaying here multiple times and each time it gets even better!  Arizona sunsets are noteworthy for their beauty, but the Hidden Lake gorgeously reflects the colors in its waters, making one amazing photo opportunity! 
lake side event space in buckeye Arizona
What else could you ask for with a view like this?

Boom. You know where you want to be. Check. Just two more easy steps for the quince of your dreams.

Get Festive. (Tip 2)

Step 2: decorations. Balloons, inflatables, posters, lights, and table cloths enhance the space tremendously, transforming it into something your own. The best part is the possibilities are endless!

Pro tip: I highly recommend you select a color scheme before going and buying decor willy-nilly. Additionally, remember your decorations tell your guest how serious you are taking the night. I’ve seen minimal decorations set the party mood in the backyard. 

Hire more than just the DJ.

Step 3: Entertainment. I’ve found that alongside a DJ, dessert tables, a photo booth area, and secondary-entertainment are three key items that you need to ensure everyone remains well entertained. 

You need to have something for your guests to do in those awkward spaces of time. I’m speaking from experience. There’s always this weird amount of time either when guests are arriving or while the food is getting prepared where people NEED to do something. No fear, the entertainment options are here:. 

  1. Dessert Table: 
    1. The dessert table speaks for itself. Everyone loves a good sweet and after dancing on the dance floor, we crave a little snack that helps keep the party going. Whether they’re store-bought, handmade, or catered, sweets are always good grab-and-go food. From macarons to cake bites to chocolate pretzels, the possibilities are endless. 
  2. Photobooths
    1. Two options here: Hire a professional or set up your own backdrop and camera. The DIY option gives you the ability to have a photo booth at any event your family has in the future.
  3. Active Entertainment
    1. Active entertainment keeps the party alive. Options I enjoy include a mechanical bull machine, bouncy houses, games, and karaoke machines. Though the name ‘active’ does not just imply physical activity. 
  1. Bonus item – Trivia
    1. The best way to keep you at the center of attention is to include trivia. Question your friends and family. Then, you really see who knows you best. You will be rolling at how little or how over-the-top your friends will be. 
uplighting for quince
This year, we did uplighting for a Quince in Buckeye, Arizona.

Alright, it seems that the basics are down: the venue, the decorations, and the entertainment. All you have to do now is, well, have the time of your life. 

In the end, the way your Quinceanera goes is dictated by you. Only you can ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. There is never a guarantee that things will go to plan, but, with a bit of pre-planning and anticipating weather, late guests, and other obstacles, the party will go great, Take a deep breath. You got this. It’s a fun event, so dance the night away, have a dessert or two (or five), and go with it, for all the experience brings. 

Now, it's time to party. Use these three tips at your Quincenera and let us know how they worked! Be sure to tag us at @djcwest or #djcwest to let us know how your party went!

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  1. I like the ideas coming from the many quince’s you’ve been to and know what works and doesn’t. Entertaining in awkward spaces and transitions is a great forethought, any other ideas???


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