Answering Questions from Instagram!

A little while back we asked a few of our fans to ask us some questions about the DJ Biz. So let’s jump right into the madness and find out what is on the mind of our followers.

First up, from Diego Carlos we have:

Who Runs the Account?


To answer this question we’d like to break it down on our different platforms. For instagram we have DJ Fine and DJ Carlos (aka me, Javier Carlos). Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all are controlled by cross-platform apps. As for most of our burins profiles we have Javier on deck.

What’s your required deposit to book?


Depending on our events we charge accordingly. We have a 20% deposit fee for all of the events we book. So, $500 events require $100 down and so on. We try to make it as easy as possible.

What gig did you enjoy the most?


That’s a hard one. I’ve been around so many people over the past few years to narrow it all down. But if I was to narrow it down it would have to be an eighth-grade graduation party I did three years ago for my school.

I had just wrapped up my first year of Djing and high School. I was extremely nervous to be around my peers and the few students that were entering Highschool as well. It felt like the weight of the world rested upon my shoulders.

Soon, I learned that all my fears could be avoided if I spent some time getting into the zone. We set up the gym by hanging black paper and covering them with the goo that comes from inside of glow sticks. The theme of the night was glow-in-the-dark.

I ended up also bringing a fog machine and luckily I we did not have a fire because I had to disable the school’s fire alarm in order to use it. I might explain why in another blog post as to how I got there. Anyways, we used the fog and the lights to create a memorable night for the kids. I still to this day do not believe that there has been another eigth-grade graduation that has gone any better.

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