Three Easy Options...

Speak with us today to see what package best fits with your event! Each option works best with different crowd sizes, but you can still upgrade if you're feeling like your event needs that something extra.

Standard/ Service #1

Our basic DJ services. This package comes with speakers, lighting and a microphone for your guests. Best for Birthday Parties, House parties. $

Premium/ DJ Service #2

The most popular option! Comes with our advanced speaker package, upgraded lighting, and wireless microphones. Built with extra power to get the party going! Recommended for Weddings, Corporate Events, and larger Birthday events. $$

Platinum/ DJ Service #3

This package comes with The Works! Monitors, Slide show, Fog, Advanced Lighting, Upgraded Sound, and so much more! Works wonders at Weddings, High-School events, and Large Outdoor Functions. $$$



We're here to provide services without breaking the bank. Our payment plan was created to help event planners, brides/grooms and families. We don't over charge, so you can rest assured you only get what you need.


After you notify us of your event we will schedule a meeting with your DJ. This way everyone is on the same page.


Next Step

If you would like to book now or inquire more, we would love to hear from you! Call now!